Lion Country Safari~ Loxahatchee, Florida

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One of the many items on my Bucket List is to go on a wild African Safari adventure but until my budget says I can, Lion Country Safari is an affordable alternate destination. In fact it’s good enough for me to have visited twice in the last couple of years!

Tip #1: Visit their website to print coupons to save up to $6.00/per regular admission for each person in your car:

tip #2 to a new concept: The cageless Zoo! The Lion Country Safari was first opened in 1967 in the rural Palm Beach County in Florida. It claims to be the first drive through safari park in the United States. Bouncing up and down in an off-road vehicle while driving through the wilderness sounds really exciting; but driving comfortably in your own temperature controlled car also has its appeal.

LCS-Tip 3The 5-mile long preserve is home to over 1000 animals and is divided into 7 sections: Las Pampas (South America), Ruaha National Park (African wilderness), Kalahari Bushveldt (Southwest Africa), Gir Forest (national park in India), The Gorongosa (Northern Mozambique), Serengeti Plains (East Africa) and Hwange National Park (Western Zimbabwe).

You’ll encounter many different critters on your drive-through:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you exit the preserve, your adventure is not over! Park your car and enter Safari LCS-Tip 4.jpgWorld where you can visit other animal exhibits as well as a petting zoo, go on some rides, refresh yourself in the Water Splash Playground, meet some animals up close and personal, grab some grub and of course, do some shopping.

My favorite experience at Lion Country Safari is feeding the giraffes!

Lion Country Safari gets my stamp of approval! It’s a great place to visit with the whole family.


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